Below are some examples of my work in writing.

Technical Description >>
I created this document for my Technical Report Writing course at SVSU (RPW * 304), which required describing the technical features of an object or mechanism in ways appropriate for primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences.

Conference Proposal >>
I wrote this proposal in response to SVSU’s Undergraduate Research Program Student Showcase‘s informal invitation to present at the annual Student Showcase.

News Article >>
I crafted this news article about a Mauritanian student traveling to the United States to study at Saginaw Valley during the 2016-17 academic year who was denied entry and deported the night of Saturday, Aug. 20, after he was detained and questioned for several hours at the Detroit International Airport.

Research Esssay >>
I wrote this essay for my Studies in Rhetoric course at SVSU (RPW * 480). We were to choose an area of rhetoric and focus on a topic therein: I selected the social phenomenon of hashtag activism (online activism via use of the # symbol on supported social media platforms).

Design Assessment >>
I wrote this design assessment for my Accessible Design course at SVSU (RPW * 324), which required me to describe and evaluate a design (i.e., an object or process). I assessed the design of WCONLINE®, the online platform the SVSU Writing Center uses to schedule and conduct online tutorial sessions.