Journalistic Editing

Problem / Opportunity

As the news section editor (2014-15) and editor-in-chief (2015-16) of the Vanguard, I was responsible for editing anywhere between three and 10 articles each week. While most articles required only small edits to ensure adherence to grammatical and Associated Press style standards, others, like this article, required more comprehensive work.

This article was written by a journalist about a mental health awareness event hosted by a student organization in 2014. As news editor, I usually would have just made stylistic, grammatical, and syntactic corrections directly on the same document submitted by the journalist and sent it back to him or her for review. However, the corrections needed in in this article were more involved and numerous – simply sending them back the corrected document would have been confusing.


I edited this article using Microsoft Word.


To more effectively communicate with the writer asynchronously, I made use of Microsoft Word’s capacity to track changes made to the article. Rather than leaving the writer guessing about which parts of the article were rearranged or deleted, this method of editing allowed them to better see the recurring errors he was making, most of which were related to AP style mechanics.

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