Academic Editing

Problem / Opportunity

As a remote editor in 2014-15 for Illinois State University’s Grassroots Writing Research Journal, which is produced twice per year, I was responsible for reviewing one submission per issue and, alongside another editor, comment on the writer’s work. This first round of editing was meant to highlight and address concerns of a higher-order, i.e., concerns about clarity of thought, development of ideas, and fulfillment of stated assertions in a logical fashion – not concerns about grammar or citation formatting. In this particular document, I am “Editor Two.”


I edited this document with Microsoft Word.


Rather than reiterate concerns made by “Editor One,” I, for the most part, made comments on things I thought were left unaddressed. My main goal in my commentary was to push the author toward a deeper understanding of her topic through explicit definition of the terms she was using throughout her manuscript. I then had to pen a review letter to the acting editor of the journal, wherein I discussed strategies the author could take in her revision processes.