Short-term Study Abroad Program Yearbook

Problem / Opportunity

I served as a publication writing intern in the SVSU Office of International & Advanced Studies during the winter 2016 semester. My main task was to compile all the blog posted and photos taken by a group of 29 education students from Shanghai Normal University in China who visited Saginaw for three weeks in Sept. 2015 to participate in an internship in local elementary, middle, and high schools into a yearbook or memory journal of sorts. This task was even more difficult as my supervisor, the short-term study abroad director, asked me to not substantially edit the students’ work, to maintain their voices except in cases where meaning was negatively affected. As an editor and a tutor who works with NNS, it was challenging for me to determine when I could edit and when I couldn’t edit – and the difference between the two situations, but I feel I was successful in enhancing clarity while maintaining the students’ voices.


I created this Yearbook using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.


This Yearbook ended up being about 150 pages in total. This publication, then, is not only for the Chinese students and their families to remember their experiences, but it is also a way for University administrators to tangibly see the benefits of student participation in short-term study abroad programs without wading through pages and pages of cluttered online blog posts.