Valley Vanguard Stylebook

Problem / Opportunity

As editor-in-chief of The Valley Vanguard for the 2015-16 academic year, I was responsible for ensuring all the content published was accurate and well-written. This entailed a lot of fact-checking, but it also required rewriting many news articles to adhere to Associated Press (AP) style and the standard format we used for University-specific things, like referring to the SVSU President as Donald Bachand – never Don – or the main eatery on campus as the Marketplace at Doan – never the MaD or the FoC. This got to be very time-consuming, so I needed an effective way to communicate to journalists these formatting rules.


I used Adobe InDesign to create the Stylebook. Photography on the cover was shot by Vanguard photo editor Kyle Will.


We already had a version of the solution: a Vanguard-specific Stylebook, but it was last updated in 2007. So, in April 2016, as part of my Managing Document Design Projects course at SVSU (RPW * 481), I created a new version of the Stylebook. In my new version, I wanted to emulate the alphabetized format used in the AP Stylebook, but, as my audience was Vanguard journalists (so that they could look up the formatting rules themselves), I only included references that they would use frequently.