Quarterly Non-Profit Organization Newsletter

Problem / Opportunity

The Friends of the Bay City State Recreation Area is a local non-profit organization concerned with the sustainability of the State Park in Bay City, Michigan. One of the organization’s members is also an instructor at SVSU; in Oct. 2016, he had asked some professors and students around campus if they knew someone who would be interested in working on the organization’s newsletter. This instructor had been creating the newsletter before, but it became too much. Eager to work on my design skills, I volunteered. He told me he had been using Microsoft Publisher but wanted to see newer tools be put to use to create a more attractive newsletter.


I created this Newsletter using Adobe InDesign.


I created this December 2016 version of the organization’s newsletter, applying the design skills I learned working with the Vanguard to choose effective font families and lay each page out appropriately with content, photos, and advertisements provided by other volunteers.