Design Prototype

Problem / Opportunity

As part of my Introduction to Interaction Design course at the University of Michigan (SI * 582) in the fall of 2017, my classmates and I were encouraged to brainstorm solutions to problems experienced by a particular “neighborhood”. As I’d just moved to Ann Arbor, I chose to focus on the newest neighborhood I was part of: my apartment complex (named in the artifacts below, but not here).

As a resident, one of my biggest frustrations, and thus the problem I decided to focus on, was the complex’s archaic controlled access entry system, which was routed through landline phone connection. This led to some unsafe workarounds, such as propping the external building door open with a small stone, effectively allowing anyone access.


I created + used a variety of tools during the course of this project to hone my vision for a solution to the problem, including:

Competitive Analysis




Paper Prototypes (Walkthrough Video)

Low Fidelity Prototype Interaction Flow


With Adobe XD, I created a design (high fidelity) prototype for an app that functioned as a modern controlled access entry system for my apartment complex.

You can click through the final prototype on the Adobe XD Viewer site.